Wingrove Estate Sale Terms

Wingrove Estate Sales charges 35% of the receipts for its services.

Additional cost to the customer.

  • Advertisement costs (local paper and

  • If the 35% of total sales does not cover the labor of the sale an hourly charge will be subtracted from the total due the estate. ($12/ hr. for laborers and $15/ hr. for Jim and Lynn or Holly and Heather)

Should the house require a heavy cleaning before the sale set up, an hourly charge of $12/ hr. for laborers and $15/ hr. for Jim and Lynn or Holly and Heather will be charged separately from the sale.

Once Wingrove Estate Sales takes over the sale, any items removed from the sale by the owner is subject to the 35% charge.

All pricing and sale of the contents is the sole responsibility of Wingrove Estate Sales.

Items that are not for sale should be removed from the house, or put into one area of the home till the conclusion of the sale.

A key and security information should be given on the first work day. The owner does not need to be present at the sale.

Our Staff

  • We have a great crew of talented individuals able to stage and make the contents of the estate look as attractive as possible to help sell them at the best possible price.

  • Their experience and knowledge helps identify the value of the contents and helps with the competitive pricing of your items.

Daily calls will be made to the responsible party each day of the sale with the total for that day and the final check will be ready by the second business day after the sale. 

At the conclusion of the sale, Wingrove Estate Sales will remove our staging materials and supplies. Any items left from the sale are the sole responsibility of the owner.  

  • We will gladly recommend a charity and on occasion a buy out option may be available, ask for details.

While Wingrove Estate Sales will make the sale as safe as possible for both the items for sale and its patrons, Wingrove Estate Sales is not responsible for accidents.